Moving cattle is done throughout the year.   Starting the middle of May through the first of June, our grass fed Black
Angus cows and calves are trailed from winter range in the badlands to the Mahogany Butte Ranch for branding, then on
to summer range in the Big Horn Mountains.  A journey of approximately 75 miles.

Fall roundup starts the first of September and may last through October.  The cows and calves are sorted and calves
vaccinated in preparation for 'shipping' or selling of the calves.  After shipping,  the cows are pregnancy tested,
vaccinated and sorted again.  They remain on the mountain range until the snows of December, when the trail back to the
badlands begins again, to continue the cycle that the Hampton family has lived for over 60 years!

Horses are used primarily for trailing and working cattle on our place.  Four wheelers and a side by side are used for
scattering salt and fixing fence and dirt bikes for irrigating.
The Dalton Gang from Texas with Sam Hampton captured.
Story telling is constant while riding with the
Here, Doc Holliday and his sister, Lucy enjoy a
laugh with Sam Hampton, (middle) owner of the
Mahogany Butte Ranch.
Eating hearty at camp was one of the best parts of the
Trailing the Hampton cows and calves along Deep Creek on Mahogany Butte.
Moving cows in the badlands, February 2006
Gathering around the campfire for a sing-along
Pictured with us below are the wonderful Dalton crew from Texas!
Our Cow/calf operation and the friends who help
Taking a break for a card
game in the sheepwagon
A Fall Cattle drive crew
Cousin, Peter Macartney helping trail down off the butte