LaFlamenca's '06 filly,
Katie del Mahogany,
(registered) carries Solo's
signature left white knee
Tengo Fe's colt, JOKER, (pictured above)
born May 26, 2006 looks like he will be a
strawberry roan!  Sire; Solo

Joker and Jester are a buggy team now.
2006 Foal Gallery
"Gita" Filly born to Tengo Fe May 10, 2007
photo taken 5-10-07  Columbo is Sire
Sold  these 2 fillies below,  5-10-07
Chance, (left) born May 4, 2006
colt out of Abejorro and Columbo
Cindy Lindy's colt, Jester, born Sept. 19, 2006 out of
Lita's filly, Lunula,
registered, born Oct. 14,
2006 out of Columbo...a
black dun or grulla.  
(pictured above)  Sold
Gypsy's filly, Fina,
registered, born
Oct. 19, 2006 out
of Solo...SOLD
thank you,
thank you, Ashley
2007  FOAL
This filly, above, born to LaFlamenca on May 13,
2007, is "Rita".  See how well these two fillies are
matched!  Will make a nice buggy team!  Notice
one has 2 socks and the other 3 socks.
These 2 fillies below are the first babies Solaro has sired.  The black dam is Chica and the bay dam is
Cindy.  They are finely gaited and naturally friendly!
Chica's filly born Aug. 23, 2007 has a dorsal stripe like
her sire, Solaro. Chiquita La Mahogany
Cindy's filly born Aug. 16,
2007 is a bay.
Sonador  La Mahogany
Abejorro's (Abby's) colt born Sept. 10, 2007.  
Dante is a pinto!  Full brother to Solaro.  Sire; Solo
del Classico
This is Gypsy's filly, Kennedy, registered,
born Sept. 25, 2007.  Her sire is Solo.  
2008  FOAL Gallery
Gita and Rita