Photo by Kathy Dokter
These photos were taken of
the Big Horn Mountains,
Hyattville and Ten Sleep
Trail coming back from
Lost Twins Lakes
Follow the leader into Paintrock Lake!
Here, Mattie, Doc Holliday and Janna enjoy a dip...the
horses had to like it, as these kids just have to have fun!

August 2008 camp trip adventure
Mattie, Doc Holliday, Judy and Sammy Dalton

All the way from Texas, brought their horses and we all
had a wonderful camping trip!
The Dalton gang, the
Foreman gang, the
Hampton gang, Cattle
Kate and foreman,
Justin Time all gather
for a snapshot before
departure back home
to Texas and Arizona
and Colorado.  Of
course, the Hampton
gang and Justin Time
stay put.

August Paintrock
Lakes Camp trip 2008
Ten Sleep Canyon by Steve Curtis
Photo of the Cloud Peak Wilderness Area by STEVE CURTIS
Packing fishermen into Cloud Peak Wilderness
was the best summer job ever!
An ol' favorite Paso Fino named Caruso.  RIP 2004.
Photo by Lyle Spence
Joslyn with Two Socks (AQHA).  
They competed in both English and
Western 4H classes and pictured
here as the Queen's Attendant for
the annual 4th of July Rodeo.
Joslyn with Chica Chula, a Paso
Fino mare, on trail moving cows
in January 2006.

Below; Jos on Mert 2011
Dad on Jet trailing cows, 2010 photo taken by Randy Chesmore
My favorite pic taken by James Yule
4th of July Rodeo 2010