Janna's daughter,
Joslyn, her pup, Jess
and Steve Hampton
trailing the sheep to
summer range.
Before it was Hampton Sheep Co., (established by Carl Hampton in the early 1950s.)   "Grandpa" started his own sheep business
when he was just 14 in 1919 and teamed up with Charles Wells to form Wells Hampton Sheep Co. in 1920.
Where we live and what we do today, the land, the ranch, the homestead was all made possible by Grandpa's vision and hard work.  
Son, Sam and wife Phyllis Hampton along with all their children, Dan, Steve, Justin and Janna (and families) continue to run the
family ranches in both Worland and Ten Sleep.

In the fall of 2009, the sheep business came to a close, save the small bunch the kids run for 4H and butchering.  The cattle
business and the ranch corporation are still known as "Hampton Sheep Co."

This page is dedicated to Grandpa, the Sheepman. 1905 -1987                                   See photos of a sheep wagon
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I will continue to add photos and soon videos.
The old sheep corrals on Cherry Creek Rd.  See
the top of Mahogany Butte?  (Upper left
corner....quite a landmark!)
Hampton Sheep Co.