L to R, Rosita de Mahogany and Shiela de Mahogany are registered Paso Fino mares.  Lum and Spike are
full brothers from a cross of our Paso Fino stallion, Columbo de Vison and a Belgian/Quarter Horse mare.  
Owner, Sam Hampton calls this cross, "Belquapas"  They are larger than the purebred Paso Fino and a bit
more quiet due to the Belgian nature.  They are dependable, have lots of go and are great ranch horses.
More "Belquapas", Jim, John, Kitty and Snip.  Healthy and
Mahogany Butte Ranch Horses
Above; Sam Hampton is carrying the mail bag on Chica during the
annual Pony Express reenactment where actual mail is delivered
from one town to another (Hyattville to Ten Sleep)as part of the
local 4th of July celebration and Rodeo held in Ten Sleep.
Photo by Lyle Spence
Chica Chula
Chico is a 2002 all
around horse and
loves to work cows.  
He's my favorite Pony
Express mount.
Jet is a Paso Fino gelding and an all around ranch horse.  His
stamina and endurance are amazing!  Always ready for action,
as depicted in this photo. His owner, Sam Hampton, is the trail
boss and wagon master during the annual Wagon Train and Jet
has been the perfect horse for all the miles and miles of duties,
keeping in check 18+ wagons and 100 people including outriders
for 8 straight days!
He is also a favorite in parades as he has a flashy high step.  
Photo by Carolyn Macartney
Janna riding Jet trailing the Hampton cattle in the Big Horn Mountains
Chico likes his job so much, I don't even have
to ride him to get work out of him!
We have enjoyed and appreciated raising
Paso Fino horses on this ranch since
1988.  At one time, we had 3 breeding
stallions.  Now we no longer breed them.  
See the page Caruso.  About a fine
Paso Fino horse since gone to horse