Janna Hampton on Caruso de Vison
Versatility is what describes our ranch raised Paso Finos.  This is Janna Hampton on
Caruso during the annual Pony Express reenactment where actual mail is carried
from one town to another during the local 4th of July celebration.  Caruso was the
full brother to our black stallion, Columbo de Vison (both gone to horse heaven) and
exhibited mucho brio, cow sense, strength, agility and a never quit attitude.  He
attracted much attention in parades and exhibitions. View his portrait by Janna,
This photo of Caruso,
above, was the inspiration
for the portrait to the right.  
The painting size is an
original acrylic 24" X 36"
and is part of the Hampton's
private collection.  A tribute
to a fine horse!