Mahogany Butte Paso Fino horses
Estrellita Ritmo
2000 mare
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All Sales Final
Lucky (left) found a
great home in New
Mexico with Elliot and
Judie Framan!  Here,
he shows off his
jumping style, getting
ready for the fox
This '06 mare is Katie del
Mahogany by  
LaFlamenca and Solo.
started and very kind.

Lined up, eating hay and all getting along.
Thank you, Lorin Wilson
(right) for purchasing
Latigo!  They make a
great team!  pic taken
2003 Maravilla del

6 pictured below; born in the FALL 2007
Sonia 07 Filly
Chiquita  07 Filly
Kennedy  07 Filly
Rita  07 Filly
Dante 07 gelding
Gita  07 Filly
Wouldn't these two well-matched fillies make a nice buggy team?
NOTE:  Most ALL horses are
for sale on the ranch, there
are too many to list.  Here
are some examples. Call or
email for more info please.
Has also packed and took fishermen
into the Cloud Peak Wilderness. He
will go all day, all week for you.
Strong, agreeable, lots of go and no
buck. Experienced Kids can ride.
Shoes, loads, friendly and likes a
snaffle bit.snaffle bit.
Sophie del Mahogany (below) is
registered PFHA 10 yr old mare. Sweet,
smooth, agreeable, bathes, loads, great
feet and calm. Will make a fine ladies
horse or for horse-savvy kids.
Pepita del Mahogany is registered PFHA 9 yr
old mare that has the best, easiest going
dispositions of any horse I've ever trained. Very
smart, agreeable, willing and kind.  Does not
have the typical Paso Fino spook in her. Will
make a lady quite proud to own her or perhaps
make a great child's 4H project!  Great feet,
trims, loads & bathes. Soft with halter or snaffle.
Responds to voice commands, too.
Tengo Fe
Tengo Fe, (below)  is a pretty black
registered PFHA 14 yr old mare that has
raised lots of fine babies. Since our ranch
is no longer breeding, she was started
Spring '09 and is green. Smooth and
pretty, she will make an experienced rider
a fine trail horse!  Great feet, trims, loads,
bathes. Pulls back though - A bargain!
Abner, (above) is a 1/2
PasoFino, 1/4 Belgian,
1/4 QH gelding that can
do all the work for you.  
He is broke to DRIVE and
has PACKED into the
Cloud Peak Wilderness
and kids can ride him.  
He has plenty of
willingness and go. No
buck, shoes, loads and
can go all day.  Though
easy keepers, these
crosses are NOT lazy!
Winnie (above) is a 1/2
PasoFino, 1/4 QH, 1/4
Belgian mare that kids
can ride.  She  has
been outfitted into the
Cloud Peak Wilderness
fisherman trail rides for
2 seasons. No buck,
shoes, loads and can
go all day.  An easy
keeper and has
worked/trailed cattle.  
Shoes, loads and is
kind and agreeable.  
These crosses,
"Belquapas", though not
gaited, are smooth and
'07 Filly
by Solaro
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